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What does the JOI Club do?​ Here are some of the pictures from the 2017 Twin City Days Craft Fair.  We raised over $700 for Herculaneum’s Kade’s Splash Pad!  We sold face painting, colored slime, balloons, colored hair spray, and miscellaneous items.  The Club did a terrific job and worked very hard all day long. And this is just one of the many events the JOI Club does.

Meet the 2017-2018 officers!  Pictured left to right Katie Huck, JOI Adviser; Vice President:  Sophie Hensley; Secretary:   Ayden Eldridge; Treasurer:  Jacob Bohler;  Jean Naeger, Twin City Area Optimist President ( not pictured JOI Club President Loren Macon)

JOI President Loren Macon giving Bill Haggard, Mayor of Herculaneum, our JOI club's $700 donation from money the club made at Twin City Days 2017 booth.

Another success by our JOI club with our adult club's help.

JOI Club

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The Junior Optimist Club (JOI) provides southern Jefferson County youth an opportunity to learn organizational, leadership, and community service skills through good works in the community. 

JOI stands for Junior Optimist International and is a service-learning organization. JOI is the organization that connects all of the Optimist JOI clubs throughout the U.S., Canada, and France.

For more information visit Junior Optimist.

Our local JOI Club meets monthly at the Mercy Jefferson Hospital and members include children from many area schools.  Contact Katie Huck, JOI Adviser, at  khuckmo2@charter.net to volunteer or to find out how your child can join!

Twin City Area Optimist Club

     PO Box 475, Festus, Missouri  63028

Twin City Area Optimist Club